Academy Manor Apartments | Colorado Springs

We are United Restoration, expert Commercial Roofing Contractors certified by Versico, the leading commercial roofing products manufacturer in the country. We are expert Insurance Claims Adjusters, we fight insurance companies on behalf of our clients so that our clients receive fair compensation for their insurance claims.

We are installing Versico’s VersiGard 60-mil EPDM for our client because or its durability. VersiGard Reinforced EPDM is durable enough for rooftops that may experience high maintenance traffic or abuse and is often specified for schools, hospitals, apartment buildings and manufacturing facilities.

Project: Academy Manor Apartments | Colorado Springs CO
Roofing System: Fully Adhered Versico VersiGard 60-mil EPDM Roofing System
Warranty Awarded: 20-Year Total System Warranty
Project Size: 4 Apartment Buildings at 80,000 square feet each
Project Duration:  10 10-hour days