All About Slate Shingles

Colorado roofing contractors display a slate shingled roof

Slate Shingles Are Beautiful

Slate roofing has been around for centuries, and it’s one of the most weather-resistant and beautiful options you can put on your roof. It is quarried and cut into thin individual shingles and installed with nails. Natural variations in color, pattern, and edge shape give slate an organic and tactile quality that’s simply unmatched by other synthetic roofing products.

Colorado roofing contractors display a gray slate shingled roof in Colorado Springs

Slate Shingles Are Heavy

However, despite its visual appeal and long-lasting performance—more than 100 years in many cases—a number of important factors may make slate unfeasible for your home. For one, slate is heavy, weighing about twice as much as asphalt singles per square foot. It’s also about triple the cost of premium asphalt shingles. A conventionally framed or truss roof may require additional framing before it’s suitable for slate shingles. Check with a structural engineer to see if your home’s roof will support slate.

Colorado roofing contractors display an old slate shingled roof

Slate Shingles Are Hard To Install

Installing slate shingles involves the use of specialized cutting tools and skills, which makes it extremely complicated to install for do-it-yourselfers as well as many roofers. Once installed, slate’s durability to the elements doesn’t extend to foot traffic. The shingles are brittle and can break if they are stepped on. Replacing broken shingles involves installing extra staging and ladders to prevent further damage, and removing individual shingles is a complicated process.

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