New Year, New Home: A List of 2018 Resolutions

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New Year, New Home – 2018 Resolutions You Should Consider For Your Home

Make your 2018 resolutions all about your home. An upgrade in your living environment doesn’t only mean purchasing a new house; it can also mean perfecting the one in which you currently live. Roll up your sleeves for projects like updating your kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, or get serious with projects that improve structural integrity, like putting on a new roof or building a new shed. Start the new year off with these three resolutions that can help you enjoy your space a little more, while also improving resale value.

Resolution #1: A Colorful Kitchen


For many people, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Maybe your family prepares meals together, or your close friends come over for a weekly dinner. Either way, the kitchen is the central hub of activity for many homes, which makes it the perfect room to kick off your new home resolutions.

Kitchens can take on a whole new life though several fun, simple DIY projects. You can paint the walls and the cabinets, replace the hardware, and upgrade the faucets to give a faded, outdated kitchen a new face. New lighting fixtures can add dimension to the space, while bright and colorful window treatments add charm. To keep it fun and eliminate stress, be sure you have the right tools (e.g., hammer, electric drill) and at least some knowledge before taking on a DIY project.

You can also take it a step further by bringing in a professional to tackle heavier, more challenging projects, like installing new countertops, flooring, or tiled backsplashes. Be sure to ask around for recommendations from people you trust, and interview several contractors to be sure you’re getting a good deal from a solid professional.

Resolution #2: Bigger, Better Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is almost guaranteed to get more buyers interested in your home. When you bring in a professional to give your bathroom the works, like installing a new tub and countertops or replacing old plumbing, flooring, or the toilet, you can expect a timeline of about three to four weeks and a price tag between $4,065 and $10,271.

While there are some fantastic, simple DIY fixes you can do to upgrade your bathroom, from a new mirror to modern fixtures, if you’re looking to update your home to put it on the market, a bathroom remodel can really pay off. When you hire a professional, talk with him or her about your ideas and find out what is realistic for your space and your budget.

Resolution #3: Refine Your Roof

If you want to add longevity and value to your home, consider a structural improvement in 2018. Repairing or replacing your roof, installing new windows and doors, purchasing eco-friendly appliances, and upgrading your heating and cooling systems aren’t necessarily the kinds of changes you see, but are certainly ones you will feel.

These kinds of improvements are often best left to the professionals. You should also check with your city or county; you may need a permit for more major repairs, especially if you’re considering building an addition or a new structure.

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, remodeling your home takes a plan and some time. Be sure you factor in how long you might be without a fully functioning kitchen or bath, or how many weekends you are willing to sacrifice to get the job done yourself. But just remember that in the end, you will enjoy your home even more.

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