How to Evaluate your Roofing Needs

Understand How to Evaluate Your Roofing Needs with the roofing specialists United Restoration of Colorado Springs

Roofing Specialists United Restoration in Colorado Springs teach you how to evaluate your roofing needs

Why would you need or want to replace your roofing or siding? There are a few reasons:
• it could be leaking,
• reaching the end of its life span,
• or look sorely out of date.


These reasons will probably change as your roofing and siding age. Or, you may just decide one day that your home needs a facelift, and you want to replace the roofing or siding with something more modern or beautiful.
Before jumping right into a replacement project, United Restoration Colorado Springs recommends that you ensure that your new roofing or siding will meet all of your objectives. For instance, if you like the look and style of your shingles but they’re getting old, it’s a simple matter to replace them with a newer version. On the other hand, if you’re tired of maintaining your siding, you’ll want a product that looks nice but doesn’t require constant attention.


Planning is key! You must consider your future needs. If you’re replacing your siding now and will need to replace your roofing in a few years, plan now for a siding that will complement the new roof. If you’re installing a new soffit and fascia system, it’s a good time to install the gutters you’ve always needed. United Restoration recommends replacing all materials at once rather than doing it piecemeal.
In some cases, you may not need to replace your roofing or siding to achieve your goals. It’s best to contact us for a free roofing consultation before making any serious steps towards construction. Here’s why: adding shutters or painting your trim a vibrant color can brighten up your exterior. Also some inexpensive basic maintenance can drastically increase the life span of your roofing and siding. If you notice leaks on your ceilings or walls, don’t automatically assume the roofing or siding needs replacing. Sometimes, flashing or caulking is all that’s needed.
The following pages show common exterior problems. If some of these look familiar, evaluate your house to determine what’s needed to fix the problem.


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Roofing Specialists United Restoration in Colorado Springs

The installation, repair or replacement of a roof is an investment in the value of your home, and the homeowner should be equipped with the most comprehensive information available before deciding which options to use. Building contractors such as United Restoration Colorado Springs, who specialize in roofing have expertise in the various roofing materials as well as knowledge of the local conditions in Colorado Springs and other areas in Colorado, United Restoration understands the climate and problems particular to the region. A consultation with United Restoration will provide you, the homeowner with an inspection report and an estimate on the required work. Contact us today if you think your roof needs repair or replacement, the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

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