Basics of Installing a New Roof

//Basics of Installing a New Roof

Basics of Installing a New Roof

The Basics of Installing a New Roof

Installing a roof is one of the most critical aspects of building a home. United Restoration builds roofs..

  • that look good,
  • are long lasting,
  • require little maintenance,
  • and falls within our client’s budget.

One of the most important investments you can make as a homeowner is choosing the appropriate roofing type, roofing material, and roofing contractor. This is because the roof style and material determine the life span of the roof and the required levels of maintenance, it is critical to ensure that the roof is installed by a National Roofing Contractors Association member, such as United Restoration.

Roofing Framework

The method of installation depends on the design of the home, the roof style and the materials selected. First, the roof requires a framework, which is either a stick frame built with regular lumber or a truss frame created with pre-built wood forms. Truss frames are based on the architectural design of the home and are installed using a crane or other suitable equipment. The frame is placed on the walls of the house, providing the structure for laying the roof materials.

Protecting the Roofing Framework

A layer of plywood sheathing or a waterproof underlay is mounted on the roof framework and attached to the trusses or rafters. This is then covered with a layer of roofing felt, which acts as a barrier between the underlay and the shingles. The roofing felt is applied to protect the plywood from the elements, and this should be done during warm, dry weather for the best results. The felt is installed according to the type of roofing material; for example, for a roof using asphalt shingles, the felt is overlapped approximately every six inches for maximum water resistance. The roofing material is then mounted, starting from the lower edge of the roof, and nailed down. A drip edge is created at the bottom edges for water run-off.

Take-Aways to Installing a New Roof

The soundness of the roof depends on the quality of the support infrastructure. There are no shortcuts to installing a new roof; every step must be followed and the work done precisely to ensure a watertight roof that will last for years.

Roofing is extremely difficult for those of us with little to no construction experience, but being knowledgeable with the process is achievable by us all. Contact United Restoration with any questions you may have regarding roofing or any other home improvement topics. We love helping our Colorado communities!

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