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Metal Roofing Is Durable And Lightweight

Metal roofing has proven its durability as a residential roofing material for centuries in Europe, but until recently it was more common to see a metal roof on an agricultural or commercial building than on a home here in the States. That trend is quickly changing. Advances in metal-forming techniques and improvements in coatings have created a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, making metal roofing a more enticing option for homeowners. In fact, metal roofing is the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing products market for several reasons. For one, metal is the lightest-weight roofing material made. At around 1 to 2 pounds per square foot, any standard-framed roof can easily support metal roofing. Provided the shingles are in sound condition and local building codes permit it, metal roofing can even be installed over a layer or two of asphalt shingles. This saves on the cost and effort involved with a tearoff.

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Metal Roofing Offers Excellent Fire And Wind Resistance

Metal offers excellent wind and fire resistance, and improvements in rust-inhibitive coatings make it weather well for many decades. It resists peeling, chalking, and fading from UV light. Metal roofs are quite common in coastal areas that are subjected to tropical storms and high winds. It also performs favorably when subjected to heavy snowfall or ice accumulations.

Colorado Roofing Contractors United Restoration Display A Metal Roof being repaired

Prefabricated Metal Roofing Panels, Standing-Seam Steel Roofs And Copper Roofs

Prefabricated panels made of metal, fiberglass, or clear polycarbonate come in standard widths and lengths and are usually installed over a system of purlins. Historically, they have been used most often to roof outbuildings and shelters, but the metal versions are becoming more popular for whole houses and room additions.

Standing-seam steel roofs are lightweight, very durable, and only moderately expensive. Typically, they are fabricated on-site by pros, but some prefabricated panel systems are DIY friendly.

A copper roof has all the advantages of steel but will not rust. Copper oxidizes over time and can corrode, but it is generally a superior exterior metal.

Colorado Roofing Contractors United Restoration Display A Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Is Largely Maintenance Free

Unlike wood or asphalt roofing, metal will not rot, crack, or promote algae growth, so it is largely maintenance free. Light-colored metal roofs, which reflect sunlight instead of absorb it, offer energy-saving benefits as well. Attics stay cooler in summer months, which reduces energy costs. Given its durability, warranties in the 30- to 50-year range are common for professionally installed metal roofing systems. In terms of cost, metal is more expensive than premium asphalt shingles but cheaper than slate or clay.

Residential metal roofing is available in steel, aluminum, or copper. It is embossed in several surface textures to simulate clay tiles, wood shakes, or asphalt shingles. Some products are coated with granules to enhance their texture. Embossed metal roofing comes in either horizontal panels with several shingles formed on each panel or as individual shake or tile shapes. Each piece has flanges that clip to the top and bottom of adjacent pieces or nail-down clips along the edges. Smooth panels with standing seams crimped or clipped together along both long edges are the most common style of metal roofing. The metal panels can be formed on location with common metalworking tools. They’re also available in prefabricated panels. Copper is most often installed in panel form and left unfinished to weather to a green patina. It is the most expensive option. Steel or aluminum roofing come in a spectrum of colors to suit any siding color scheme.

Colorado Roofing Contractors United Restoration Display A Metal Roof

Metal Roofing’s Drawbacks

There are a few drawbacks to metal roofing worth noting. It is slippery when wet and it can be dented or scratched. Metal can be difficult to adapt to complex roof styles. Eventually steel roofing will need to be repainted to prevent corrosion.

Although it shouldn’t be difficult to find qualified installers in most regions, you need special metalworking skills to tackle most residential metal roofing products yourself. Do-it-yourself installation may also void the manufacturer’s warranty, so this is a project better left to the pros.


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