All About Concrete Tile

Colorado Springs Roofing Contractors Display A Concrete Tiled Roof

Concrete Tiles Have Excellent Wind, Hail and Fire Resistance

Over the past few decades, concrete has continued to gain momentum in the roofing field. It weathers well; offers excellent wind, hail, and fire resistance; and installs similarly to clay tile and slate. Concrete is typically formed into flat shakes instead of contoured tiles, like clay, but you can special-order contoured shapes made from cement. Some manufacturers offer concrete shakes that mimic the color and texture of wood.

Colorado Springs Roofing Contractors Display Concrete Roofing Tiles

Concrete Tiles Offer The Same Benefits As Slate Or Clay But At Half The Cost

As you might expect, concrete shakes are heavy. They’re slightly heavier than slate and about the same weight as clay tile. However, there are also concrete shakes that are fortified with wood fibers and polymers to cut down on overall weight without compromising durability. Compared with clay or slate, concrete offers similar performance characteristics with a lower overall installation cost: it’s about half the price of slate or clay.

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